Dublin: Rain, Cyberpsychology, and More Rain [1]

Week one of my internship in Dublin has came and went as quickly as the seemingly never ending bursts of rain. If I’m recalling correctly, there’s only been one completely rain-free day. My coworkers tell me that I brought the abnormally poor weather with me, but this was definitely not from summery Michigan.

Jokes aside, my coworkers have been so welcoming and quite lovely. I’m interning with an EU-funded startup company called Zeeko. Zeeko provides internet safety content to children, parents, and teachers across Ireland through seminars and virtual world training. Although the technological aspect of the work is crucial, Zeeko has also employed numerous individuals with backgrounds in psychology (this is where I fit in).

This internship was of particular interest to me, for it’s a prime example of research based psychology in an applied setting. While I love being a part of academic research back at UMich, this opportunity has allowed me to explore the ties between psychology, business, education, and technology. I’ve just been introduced to the new and upcoming field of cyberpsychology. My knowledge of this is still rather limited, but I’ve been assigned what should be a very informative lit review of a book by Dr. Mary Aiken (the inspiration for CSI: Cyber, which I actually haven’t seen…).

This early on in the internship I still don’t totally know what to expect. Qualitative and quantitative research, content generation, collaborative meetings, lit reviews: these all sound rather vague, but each day at Zeeko is uniquely its own, making specification difficult. I’m happy with this, though; it keeps me engaged and on my toes. I just hope to contribute as best as I can and learn as much as possible during my stay in this rainy, rainy city.

(I’ve also attached (mostly) unrelated photos featuring the locations my intern companions and I have ventured to thus far).

UCD Nova (where I work, isn’t it cute?!)
City Centre
Dublin Castle
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Trinity College
Christ Church Cathedral
Botanic Gardens

2 thoughts on “Dublin: Rain, Cyberpsychology, and More Rain [1]

  • June 14, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Dublin! But I’m glad you’re enjoying your time so far and that you’re able to apply your interests in psychology while learning new fields. Looking forward to reading more!

  • June 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Shannon, your internship sounds so interesting! The internet and its content is so pervasive in our lives today, and applying psychology research towards understanding its effects has great implications for the whole world. Loving the pictures and glad you had a great first week. 🙂


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