Internship Physical Environment / #2

The physical environment of News America Marketing reflects what a stereotypical office setting looks like in terms of cubicles. My environment consists of working in a cubicle surrounded by four employees, one of which is my employer. Each desk has a computer, keyboard, phone, notepad, pen, highlighter, and outlet. There is a coffee machine, a water machine, a refrigerator, and a microwave available. This environment shows that my employer’s environment is very collaborative, tight-knit, and organized. It matches my work style because it is extremely similar to the way I get homework done when I am in Ann Arbor. In Ann Arbor, I usually do homework in the Shapiro Library which is on the second floor of the University of Michigan Undergraduate Library. The second floor typically has long tables and many students sit at those tables, so it is also tightly packed and collaborative. The second floor is not a silent library floor. Therefore, I often hear noises from other students whether they are talking or typing. The same environment is reflected at my internship. I hear others talking on the phone or typing throughout the day and I still am able to focus. Any time I have a question, my co-workers are very close in proximity so it is easy to walk up to them and ask the question. In conclusion, I have adapted to this environment since it has strong comparisons to the Shapiro Library. Further, I hope that my work environment when I start my career has the same style as News America Marketing because it will make it easy to ask questions that may come up as a new employee since everyone’s desks are close to each other.

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