Interview within the HTC and Living in Cleveland/ Informational Interview #1 (LSA Intern Scholar Blog Post #4)

Because my office’s main goal is to revitalize Cleveland, clearly Cleveland is appreciated and looked at favorably in my office. That is why I chose to talk with the Director of the HTC. I have been grappling with the decision of whether or not I want to move back to Cleveland after graduation so I was interested to hear of his academic and career path, and what brought him back to Cleveland. The Director of the HTC told me that for him, it was so important to get out of Cleveland while he was still young in order to experience other surroundings and appreciate what he had back home. After graduating from Duke, the HTC Director moved to D.C. for seven years, working for a management consulting firm and then for a political polling and marketing firm. The Director told me he loved living in D.C., but he missed Cleveland and knew that his home city was a more reasonable place for him to start a family. Additionally, because he grew up in Cleveland, he told me that his social network at home has now become his professional one, with many of his friends establishing themselves in impressive careers in Cleveland. He enjoys working with friends that have become professional connections.

Ever since I moved back to Cleveland for the summer, many people, whether in my social or professional network, have tried convincing me to move here after graduation. What I most appreciated about interviewing the Director of the HTC was that he encouraged branching out and gaining valuable experience elsewhere so that if I do end up back in Cleveland, I will be back with a deeper appreciation.


One thought on “Interview within the HTC and Living in Cleveland/ Informational Interview #1 (LSA Intern Scholar Blog Post #4)

  • July 27, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Great perspective – Some times you have to leave your home to develop the skills necessary to impact your hometown.


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