Mentors and Peers | #2

I feel very fortunate with the individuals I am working with this summer. The graduate student I am working with, Adam, is wonderful. He is a first year PhD student, and he has been extremely helpful, informative, and understanding during these past two weeks. Having been in the exact same position as me a few years prior, he has an invaluable perspective that definitely creates a great work environment. Not only is he open to discussion on our current projects, he’s open to brainstorming and general thinking about anything psychological. I’m extremely glad that the research assistants are able to express their own thoughts and ideas to him, and have him both critique and refine their content. It’s a rare experience as an undergraduate. Additionally, when it comes to our particular tasks for the day, he assigns each individual things that are at the extremes of our capabilities. For example, having had very little experience with a particular coding language, Adam assigned me a task that I didn’t know I was capable of. However, after overcoming initial doubts, I ultimately succeeded.

I’ve additionally developed relationships with the other research assistants in my cohort. Dedicating your summer to research as an undergraduate certainly requires a strong interest in the field, however each individual could not have more diversity with respect to background and ultimate goals in the psychological field. These relationships are augmented not only by difficult problem solving and 7-hours of research a day, but simple little events outside of our office: restaurants, museums, excursions into Boston, etc.. I’m really looking forward to getting to know these individuals over the course of the next two months.

Lastly, Dr. Gilbert will be hosting an annual summer barbecue at his house this year, which I am eagerly anticipating. This will allow for everyone in the lab to bond in an even more relaxed environment.

The Gilbert Lab, in all its collaboration, has created a wonderful experience for all parties, and I’m thrilled to see how these personal and professional relationships expand

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