Mid-Point Check-In l #4

When I first started my internship at BBC Worldwide, I anticipated that my goals would quickly need to be drastically re-evaluated. I set my goals at a time when I had no idea what the summer would bring and what this internship would demand of me. However, now that I’ve had the time to acclimate and immerse myself in this new environment, I feel overall confident in the primary goals I originally set. The first goal I noted in my initial blog post, to make a lasting impression on the company I’m interning for by striking up friendships and long-term connections with my colleagues, still accurately reflects my experience thus far. I’ve done an excellent job maintaining a positive demeanour and being amiable, even on days when I am largely ignored or given mindless “intern” tasks. In contrast, my quantifiable goal needs to be recalibrated. I now realize that doing script coverage from start to finish without compromising quality in an hour (or even two) is simply an impossible feat. Instead, I should aim to master this important skill by being able to tackle an unfamiliar script in a timely fashion without having to triple check every word. This will come as I continue to gain confidence in my writing abilities when it comes to this specific format. I’ve already made a lot of progress in this category by receiving constructive criticism on every write up I do from executive researchers. Other than this area for personal growth, I’m well on track to finishing my internship without having any regrets.

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