My Optimism is Dying

Today marks the beginning of my 5th week as an intern at EMA. Sadly though, I still haven’t been given much to work on. My boss asked me the other day what I wanted to write about for a possible personal project, but didn’t tell me what format I should write in, what it could be used for, etc. To be quite honest, I think they just want me to find something to do myself because they don’t know what to do with me. I know this sounds cynical, but I’m really not trying to be. I even talked to my roommates here who are interning at another organization and they’re just as baffled as I am. I know that working on some “paper” will keep me busy, but what’s the point of writing something that the organization will not use? I feel like I am just waiting for the next 5 weeks to fly by quickly.

I’ve become more settled in Tirana though which is nice. I enjoy going to the park and reading and, as a coffee addict, all the coffee shops around. Skanderbeg Square also opened after months of renovation, so my roommates and I went and checked it out. The square sort of marks the city center and the remodeling looks great. There were SO MANY people there with their friends and family and it was truly wonderful to see everyone out and enjoying life. Something I’ve also noticed these past few weeks is that there are more tourists present in Tirana. We’ve walked by Asian tourist groups, a group of English-speaking tourists, and random foreigners on the street. I can’t wait to travel the rest of the country soon.

One of the universities in Tirana

A cafe and restaurant in the park

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  • June 12, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    It’s great to see that you are becoming so comfortable with the city! Not having as much structure or direction as you hoped is definitely difficult to deal with. Perhaps one way to spend your time at work is to ask to shadow your boss or other people in the office, or taking 30 mins to interview various people in the organization? This way you can ask them what the biggest challenges they are dealing with in their work, gain insight into the organization and career field, and co-create potential projects for yourself that are still useful for the organization.


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