The work environment at Zoro US | #2

Zoro is an emerging e-commerce business and people here truly take pride in their potential to grow. The core of the daily operation here at Zoro is to identify what matters to the customers and to be relentless in trying to exceed their expectations at every turn. Zoro takes into as much account into the process as the result, and the company expects employees to be stewards of one another.

To me personally, work culture means the dynamic among people working together. Work culture is a set of expectations and boundaries that people express their freedom at work but also restrain themselves from jeopardizing the collaboration and teamwork. Work culture truly determines the approach you take to your task and your state of mind when you are devoting your energy to the workforce.

The work culture here at Zoro has been pretty casual. There is no dressing code for working, and people wear what they wear on weekends to work. The company has all kinds of creative decorations at the office like balloons, puppy photo walls, shout-out cones, and flags. When I am at work, I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of interesting people and it matches my work style.

In my ideal workplace, I think equity and the absence of business hierarchy are essential for my personal growth. I believe in the system that values efficiency and devotion over age or title. I should be able to freely express my ideas to those who have more control over the business equally as long as I am with good intention. Voices should be heard in a healthy work culture, even from the most ordinary individual.

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