Theory’s Theory – An Open Work Environment | #2

Upon walking into 38 Gansevoort,  I was immediately intimidated. At a first glance, the five-floored building is nothing special; a subtle silver “Theory” engraving in the dull, gray pavement is all that marks the space. After stepping inside and traveling up the elevator to floor three, the office opens up into a vast abundance of corporate beauty. Each floor is marked by wood, white lacquer, and glass. A concrete staircase traces the building from top (floor five) to bottom (floor two). Though all companies are meant to function collectively, Theory specifically is special because it’s layout intentionally unites workers of all departments and specialties.

Though I am a (retail marketing) intern, I do not sit in a cubicle. For my first week, my supervisor and I sat side by side at her long white table. I was integrated in with the full-time marketing, PR, and advertising employees, which made me feel important and noticed. After a full week, I have been moved to a long wood table where all the interns are placed for the summer. Though the table is slightly cluttered from the PR department’s boxes and garments, my work area is clean and organized, much like my work style. Though I say it time and time again, the aesthetic of Theory is truly calming and pleasing to the eye. The subtle tones of tan, white, and light gray overwhelm the office, leaving workers like me feeling ready to work and excited to conquer the day.

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