Water Closets, Capes, and Research- Oh my! | #1

A week ago, I had very little of an idea of what this internship would be like. I knew that it was research, and falls somewhere in the fields of clinical or cognitive psychology. And that was it. I was essentially coming in blind, and didn’t do much to change that. I figured it’d be just another thing that I figure out as I go, like the fact that bathrooms here are called water closets, and that despite the fact that there aren’t any sororities or fraternities at the universities, there are a lot of students who still resemble them by dressing in identical capes and unanimously chanting as they walk in parallel lines down the sidewalk.

The internship, though, worked out great. My bosses are incredibly friendly, accommodating, and intelligent. Their goal is to develop an app for the elderly population that can detect cognitive impairments, like delusion and dementia, early on through behavioral cues like changes in gait, social activity, and sleep patterns in order to begin treatment swiftly and hopefully extend the window of unimpaired cognitive abilities. And I get to help!

I was drawn to this opportunity because I wanted to contribute to the continual cycle of groundbreaking research in the psychological community. I wasn’t sure what kind of research I would be involved with, but I am so glad that this is what I will be working on the next two months. It is intuitive, modern, and has the potential to help a large community of individuals maintain a high quality of life. I am very much looking forward to this incredible opportunity, and to see where this research goes. 

One thought on “Water Closets, Capes, and Research- Oh my! | #1

  • June 12, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Hi Claire,

    Your flexibility in the face of ambiguity is impressive, and a wonderful characteristic to develop in our ever-changing world! It’s great to hear that your research is applied to something so meaningful, and that your bosses are friendly and astute.



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