#3 Value of Diversity

I always appreciate places with diversity because diversity means more chance to have a sense of belonging. It is such a simple word for the huge concept. A diversity and a sense of belonging improve my motivation, health, and happiness. When I see the connection to others, I know that I am not alone and I know that all people struggle and have difficult times. There is comfort in that knowledge. Especially, workplace diversity is important to me because it shows the company’s commitment to embracing differences and change.

One of my identities is my school, University of Michigan. On the first day of Amazon Internship, I was very nervous because I knew no one at Amazon. But at the New Hire Orientation, there were surprisingly many students from the University of Michigan. I felt a connection to people at Michigan because there are always more things to talk about when there is a similarity.

Also, there are lots of employees from different countries, and it’s always fun to talk to them and be exposed to their different work styles and attitudes about work. I was talking to my mentor in Amazon Women in Engineering. She is from China, and it was fun talking about k-pop culture with her and share our opinions about it. Because k-pop is always my favorite topic. Because she is also from East Asia, I found it easier to find culture similarities with her. Also, I felt comfort and encouraged to see someone similar to me present in the workplace.

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