Blog 1: Internship Goals

In my upcoming internship with Fabletics, I have many goals I want to attain. My first goal is build connections with the company. I am working with the marketing team; however, I want to also talk/work with other teams within the company. For example, I hope to discuss the work the User Experience team does to see the different paths within my major. Since the User Experience team deals more with the design aspect of the company, I want to see which path I enjoy more – qualitative or quantitative data. For the team I will be working with, I will focus more on data analysis (quantitative data). After this internship, I hope to know which path I want to focus on more


Another goal I wish to gain from my internship experience is to see the difference in work cultures. Last summer, I worked for a very corporate business, which had a lot of older employees. This upcoming summer, Fabletics is a newer company therefore the employees tend to be on the younger side. Due to this generation gap, the work culture seems to be a lot more laid back. For instance, there is no dress code at Fabletics. After this experience, I hope to see if I enjoy the more relaxed culture.

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  • June 13, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    Good luck on your internship, Imaan! I’m happy to hear you’re open to learning a lot and exploring different types of companies to inform your future professional goals.


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