Blog 1 Lets Get it started!

I am having an eventful summer and it just began for me! At work I am having tons of fun. I work at The University of Michigan hospital and the cool thing is my research team has there own office!! My job consists of recruiting patients from the Emergency department and varies clinics within the hospital involving patients whose chief complaint is Dizziness as one of there top 3 reasons for being at the hospital. I work here Wednesdays- Fridays, on Tuesdays I work at Michigan house where I am able to recruit off the hospital site. I work along side two research coordinators and two other research assistants who are also students at the University of Michigan. I learn a lot about one on one patient interactions with this research job and I think it is really preparing me for my future career as a Doctor.I receive a lot of one on one interactions with patients which is my absolute favorite part because this will be the exact same thing I will be doing when i become an official doctor in a few years. This is only the beginning but I am very excited for what the future holds for me this summer!

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