Blog Post 2 | Work Culture

Work culture to me means the environment the company wishes to create among not only its’ employees but also its’ consumers. At Deep Root, work culture is a huge part of who they are. With no real reception area, guests are encouraged to walk right into the office. Heads pop out of open doors often to say hello to whoever walks in, making it feel extremely welcoming. At Deep Root, there is not a hierarchy among positions. The CEO of the company sits in a cubicle just feet from me, an intern. As an intern, I am invited to any meetings and am given an opportunity to have a seat at the table or voice my opinion in any conversation. This environment allows anyone to feel free to speak their mind or ask any questions necessary. I think this atmosphere is extremely important in my growth as a professional as it allows me to take on more responsibilities and act in settings one would not usually get in an internship position.


From the moment you walk in and see the bright green walls, comfy couch and Nespresso machine, you are overwhelmed with a calm, cool environment here at Deep Root. Throughout the office there are graffiti murals and bright colors that also add to this vibe. The “trendy office” atmosphere is accelerated with a beer fridge and a Xbox for Friday use. It’s clear Deep Root wants to ensure its’ employees and customers feel relaxed and comfortable here. While it is a fun office, serious work does get done and that is made clear as well. Work first, fun second.

I am not sure if this is exactly where I wish to start my career. I struggle with focusing or staying fully awake sitting at a computer all day long with little human interaction. I’m a people person so I’d prefer a job where I have more client interaction I believe.





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