Blog Post 2: Work Environment

The physical work environment of Makovsky consists of many separate cubicles in the middle with individual offices on the outside. There are multiple conference rooms and a kitchen in the middle equipped with beverages and a coffee machine for all to enjoy. When you first walk in, there is an entire wall dedicated to displaying  flat screens with the news on various channels. There are other TV screens reporting the news throughout the office, which is highly important as much of PR is knowing what press is being covered and in which media outlet. This environment reflects the company and its purpose, as its professional and should be seen seriously in the business world but also new and modern. It includes spaces to interact and collaborate with other employees in a casual but also professional setting, which I have learned crucial in the PR world.

The environment does match my work style, as cubicles give me room to focus without outside distraction. However, I would benefit from more collaborative work, as I work well with others and have my most creative thoughts when many ideas are being bounced around. I have adapted to the current work environment. For my future career, I do like the professionalism of this work environment. I think portraying the news and encouraging social media viewing on work computers to check coverage is modern and important, and I hope my future career integrates this. However, I hope my future work environment is louder. When I say louder, I do not necessarily mean physical noise, but hope that I can interact on a regular basis with other employees and do much of my work in joint business and collaborative rooms, or some type of open environment, instead of all at my cubicle.

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