Blog Post 4

I’ve been interning for about a month so far and I’m starting to really feel comfortable here. I am given some tedious work, like creating and updating media lists or finding clips of our press releases throughout the Internet, and more creative larger tasks. One of these larger tasks is being responsible for a summer-long marketing project for a New Jersey golf club along with the other two interns. I have been using my Photoshop skills to create ads for the club and I’m learning how to target audiences and give the club more exposure and customers. I can track who sees the ads and how many people are engaged with it, and I love looking through the comments, shares, and likes on my posts. It makes me feel accomplished! I’m also coming up with a marketing schedule for the golf club so we can be organized with our posts and emails and keep them gaining customers. In addition, the interns are responsible for updating our company’s website. I’m excited to help design the site and edit the theme. I enjoy doing creative work and updating an entire company’s website is a big deal! My experience so far has made me even more interested in marketing and advertising, along with PR which I had no previous exposure to, because of how creative I get to be and how accomplished I end up feeling. I get to come up with schedules, graphic designs, and use my own words to help businesses grow. Even just sending out press releases can end in accomplishment when people who I added to the media list end up replying and becoming interested in our clients’ products.

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