Challenges and Future Goals | #2

From my time working in my lab, I have found myself intellectually and professionally challenged in many facets.  However, I have really enjoyed these challenges as they have pushed me to grow. For example, coming into my time here, I had very little prior knowledge of immunology.  However, my projects were completely centered around this topic.  As a result, I had to quickly overcome an initial learning curve to allow me to complete my work.  Having now spent quite some time working in my lab, I have encountered new challenges such as having to restructure a research plan because the results of an experiment disproved our initial hypothesis. These experiences, although not always easy to handle, have taught me to adapt to any situation and that sometimes, you need to keep in open mind in science because things do not always go as you think they will.

By the end of my time here, I would love to have gained much greater critical thinking skills and a better sense of what it is like to take part in independent research.  Coming in to my time at the University of Michigan, I was very focused on the idea of going to medical school.  However, I have enjoyed my time here so much that I am now considering other ways in which I might be able to pursue my passion for science, perhaps through academia and research. I hope that throughout this internship, I will grow, not only intellectually, but also gain a better sense of research as a professional field and whether or not it might be something I could take part in as a future career.

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  • June 23, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    These are all great goals for your internship!


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