Communicating in Slack with My CTO | #3

One of the biggest part of my internship depends on a software called Slack. This software allows me to communicate with my CTO which stands for Chief Technology Officer. This was so important since the CTO does not work from the Ann Arbor offices and I have to send any questions to him through a Slack message. Even though his never been physically there to help me I’m always receiving instructions of what to do. I know that communication is key for a startup and this was always in my mind on how do you communicate code into words. Which at first was difficult but later became easier to explain since I have to think and write out what I believe that code is going to do and how it is important to our infrastructure. One day I was running a code that broke the local application which was at first great but I accidentally push it and I was afraid that our customers would receive a buggy product. I sent a message to the CTO immediately and he informed me that the code I pushed was not going to affect anyone since he needs to approve each push code. I was happy and relieved to hear that and to know that when I have an important question the CTO will always be there even he isn’t there.


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