First Week on the job | #1

This summer I’m interning in the music retail marketing division at The Orchard, an entertainment distribution company that was recently acquired by Sony. Coming in, my overarching goal was to create a generally positive impact, and build personal as well as professional relationships that may result in future opportunities. This is more of an “umbrella” goal, so for the purpose of measurability, I also set a few smaller sub-goals to help me get there. I would like to leave The Orchard with a minimum of two strong references to help me land an even better opportunity next summer. Additionally, I want to be able to cite AT LEAST one tangible contribution was not assigned. My first day was on May 31st, and since then, I’ve proven to myself that I’m well on my way to achieving both of these goals.

On my second day, I reached out to the Senior VP of Finance to thank him for helping me get my foot in the door, so to speak. I asked if I could chat with him for ten minutes to thank him and get to know him a little bit more. In hindsight, the best question I asked him was if there were any specific people I should learn from and network with, which he answered by giving me the name of the Director of HR. I used my meeting with her to get a solid list of about seven or eight contacts to reach out to in the divisions I was interested in, one of whom I’ve already met and conducted an informational interview with. I’ll go further into detail about this in my “Informational Interview” post, but this person is on the Content Acquisition team. She saw my tastes in music and initiative to learn more about how our company acquires talent as valuable traits. Right away, I offered to help out by building spreadsheets of innovative artists whose labels have expiring distribution deals. Just like that, I managed to kill two birds with one stone. I built a strong relationship with a colleague by offering to contribute outside of my division. If my spreadsheet results in new content being distributed through The Orchard, it will most definitely count as a tangible contribution.

I’ve loved my first couple of weeks, and believe my drive to meet, befriend, and prove myself to everyone I work with will lead to continued success and fun.

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  • June 13, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Great job with networking, Leo! I look forward to reading more about your internship in future blog posts!


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