Getting Started at work (Blog post #1)

Yesterday marked the first day of my internship at AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights. As it was my first day much of what I did revolved around meeting colleagues, filling out necessary paperwork, and getting better acquainted with the achievements and goals of the organization. After finishing all of this (not so exciting) administrative work, I was finally able to begin work on my first two projects.

Interestingly, the first project I have been assigned coincides with some of my specific studies while I was abroad in London at University College of London. As part of one of my courses on international human rights I researched human rights conditions in Egypt and eventually wrote two papers explaining their human rights crisis since 2012 and proposing some potential remedies for this issue. Naturally, as I am interning at a human rights organization, while talking to my boss I mentioned this project. Coincidentally, a respected member of my division is giving a presentation on human rights in Egypt with a focus on a man named Bassem Youssef. I have been assigned to put together a summary presentation of human rights violations in Egypt including information about restriction on freedom of press, freedom of assembly, etc that will be used to aid my colleagues presentation. This project has been really exciting for me, proving that my schoolwork actually coincides with the work I do outside of classroom. I often find myself thinking that the many things I learn in my courses won’t necessarily be of use in the real world– my first day of worked already proved me wrong!

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