Getting Started: Goals (Blog #1)

Formally defined, a goal is the object of a person’s ambitions or efforts to achieve a desire result, and that desired result being the destination of the journey. However, while I set goals for my upcoming internship experience, I don’t think this definition fits. To me, my goals of my internship experience are more “strengtheners.” What I mean by that is, the goals I set and complete will strengthen my candidacy in acquiring a full-time position down the road.

Throughout the course of my internship, I want to develop a further grasp on the financial markets. How original, right? While this goal may be ambiguous (and not all that creative), what I mean by that is trends in the market. I’ve always been told that history repeats itself, and that’s why it is important we all have strong historical backgrounds. However, financial historical backgrounds are different. Yes, I’m aware that the stock market crashed in 30’s and then there was the “Great Recession” of 08, but were these events in anyway predictable? What quantifiers are used to analyze market trends? How do analysts predict trends? What are the predictions based off of? What is the criteria and metrics used to make these predictions? How are the analysts’ predictions viable before they are published? All of these questions I hope to have answers to prior to conclusion of my internship.

Additionally, in terms of “gains,” I hope to further develop my professional network. Every time I attend a networking event or career workshop, the emphasis on networking and using one’s network is tremendous. Each employee in my office is a professional, with quite an impressive background. I hope to learn from my employees and find out how they ended up where they are today, but in order to do that I must step outside of my comfort zone and ask them to grab coffee or something. While I can be shy at first, I aim to break out of my comfort shell and gain these relationships in order to help push me in the right direction on my career path.

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  • June 15, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    It’s great that you included questions in this initial post, Brandon. I think that saving them this way will be a great way to keep them in mind and refer to them as you continue reflecting on your internship experience.


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