Goals- Blog Post | #1

Barclays Center Internship

Going into an internship at a large scale company can sometimes be difficult in regards to standing out in comparison to all the other interns. In order to make sure I would stand out i decided that I needed to brainstorm some goals for myself. One goal, which pertains to what i want to accomplish, and one that highlights what I want to gain from my experience at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, and most importantly in the sales department where I would be located.


Goal 1: I will step out of my comfort zone and ask for more tasks than what I am originally assigned to.

  • Part of being an intern is listening to your supervisor and finishing all the tasks assigned. Sometimes there are tasks that take a whole day, and others that take just a few minutes. I hope to not only ask my supervisor what she needs me to do but also ask other in different departments to fully immerse myself into the company and to meet new people.

Goal 2: I will take advantage of any intern events, such as meet and greets and networking opportunities.

  • A huge upside of working at a large scale company is that there is a huge intern presence. Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment sets up various events for interns to meet and greet high up company executives. I plan on attending any intern events to gain full insight from executives from every department as well as network myself to broaden my horizons beyond marketing and sales.

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