Midpoint Check in

Prior to the start of my internship, I had the basic goals of being personable and friendly while building relationships and networking while being adaptable and willing to do whatever is asked of me. My main goal/ purpose was to learn as much as possible while gaining experience so at the end of this internship I will be able to determine if this industry is where I want my future to include. While these goals are basic and broad, I feel they’re great goals for internships because you need to have an open, willing mind. Now that I am at my internship and have learned how it all works here, I feel I can start to have more detailed, specific goals along with the ones I started with. One goal I have is to continue to bring new, unique ideas when collaborating on projects and creating work that falls into the usual templates. Also I have learned that with working at a company that is always busy, sometimes I will have nothing to do and other times I will many things at once to do. When this happens, I make sure I’m organized and stay on track to finish everything on time… I feel I do a good job at this. I also feel I do a good job at showing initiative in trying to help whoever needs it.

The summer has flown by so far because of this internship, crazy to think I am half way done already. I am having so much fun and really enjoying my time while learning and gaining skills like building decks and managing contracts… all things you don’t learn in the classroom.

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