An Introvert’s Plan | Blog #3

I have always considered myself a quiet, introverted person, which is something I have realized I need to adjust during my fashion PR internship in New York City. While I’ve always considered being reserved a good trait, and I still think it is, it is clear to see that I need to become a little more outgoing to truly succeed at my internship. The more outgoing an intern is at my company, the easier it is for them to forge connections with the employees and be remembered as bubbly and charismatic. I hope to become more outgoing and go out of my way to talk to the full time employees and ask if they need additional help-something that is very unlike me but I know will be useful. While I am already on week 5 of my internship, I am not even halfway done so there is plenty of time for me to create a strong impression.

I have already started making strides to becoming more extroverted in the office. I reached out to a Michigan alum that works here- she is a senior executive and was also a Communications major at Michigan like me! We are planning to get coffee tomorrow for my first informational interview of the summer. While I was initally very nervous to talk to her, I am glad that I went out of my comfort zone. I know that by talking to her, I am going to learn so much than I would have if I was just sitting quietly at my desk.

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