Work Culture | #2

Work culture to me means the philosophy under which a company is run. It is comprised of many things but to me it is comprised of three main component: the attitude of employees at the office, how long the workdays are and how people are dressed.

I think that what is important to my early professional growth is feeling that I can ask questions. As I am a rising sophomore I understand that I have many things to learn not only about how to work in a professional environment but also about the content of the work that I plan to be doing. I take this opportunity both as one for professional growth but also for educational growth as I learn new essential concepts of the computer science field.

The workspace that I work in is quite open, with large windows and no real breaks in one’s line of sight. To me this layout was chosen in an effort to encourage collaboration but also team cohesion. By choosing such a layout, employees can interact more easily: this leads employees to know each other better and ultimately leads to better teamwork and communication.

I used to have a preference for closed off workplaces but I have come to like this layout much better as it fosters cohesion and makes it much less intimidating to ask questions and advice as compared to having to knock and walk into someone’s office, for example.

I like to think that I can adapt to any workplace and any workflow, but this type of environment would definitely be a top choice for me as I believe it is the best kind of environment for software development.


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