ALA 225 Blog 1

Goal, go, go


(Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to upload this first blog for very long time. However, when I read it again at about the midpoint of my internship, it motivates me a lot. To tell the truth, I start feeling tired about my internship, but this blog helps me recall the passionate and exciting feeling, which also encourages me to finish the last half way strong.)


My internship is going to start in about a month, and I’m really really excited about my summer. This internship is just like a gift from God for me. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I deserve this offer, therefore, I really treasure this chance.


My biggest goal is to learn more and grow more. As I mentioned, I don’t think I am qualified to be part of this company, because I struggled a lot when I studied, but I think work is very different from college. I hope that I could learn and grow more in this new environment. Even though I had a hard time in school, but I’m still very passionate about this. I want to equipped myself with this practical experience I will gain in the industry, and I believe that I will become more confident and more excited about the work and study I’m going to do in the future.


Besides that, I hope to gain some meaningful relationship with my colleagues. I didn’t do a good job in networking at school, so I want to make it up during my internship. I heard that the company would organize some activities for interns, I will definitely join it, and try to build more relationship with others.

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