Blog 1: Goals – what I hope to learn and gain

I am interning as a project assistant/analyst in Huarong International Financial Holdings that is based in Shanghai from June to August. Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited is a listed financial conglomerate providing brokerage services on securities, investment banking, futures, and asset management. Coming from communication major background, finance is never my forte. Thus, I am very excited to learn more about investment banking, asset management, and financial knowledge.

My task, for now, is to finish an in-depth industry report. Thus, my first goal is to complete two industry reports. The first one is related to communications, such as China gaming industry, China social app industry, and etc., because it will further help my future career in the communication area both in China and overseas. The second one is China internet-base financing industry, which is a new rising industry that will be leading the future China finance industry. I am interested in both industries and would love to start researching about these industries to prepare for my full-time job seeking this year.

My second goal is to get familiar with professional finance vocabulary, detailed investment knowledge and build a network of professionals within in the office. As I want to become a corporate PR in the future, it is essential for me to have some basic understanding of economy and finance if I want to join internet-base financing company later. It is also important for me to establish some relationships that I can follow up on if I decided that I want to come back to China to work.

One thought on “Blog 1: Goals – what I hope to learn and gain

  • June 15, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    I like the specificity of your goals and how you are thinking about how you’ll be able to connect them to future decisions that you have to make. Best of luck as you start your internship in Shanghai, Hao!


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