Blog 2: Getting Settled

Day 1: Check. I’ve wrapped up my first week (half week…) at M&C Saatchi and it’s easy to say I already feel pretty at home. It actually made me nervous that I wasn’t nervous going into Day 1, but my double-negative nerves dissipated immediately stepping into the office. Stepping out of the elevator, I was greeted with endless floor-to-ceiling windows putting the South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge on display. There’s a chic industrial vibes lounge area by the windows, complete with coffee machine, and a few picnic tables arranged for top notch city views. The floor is occupied by M&C Saatchi and SS+K, their complimentary advertising agency. This little lounge area is positioned as a reception area of sorts, but more so to make it clear that it belongs to everyone…it’s a collaborative, and relaxing space.

Walking to the back of the office, M&C and SS+K are split in half, occupying different sides of the floor. But, if it weren’t for being told this directly, I wouldn’t have been able to tell. Rows and rows of computers with shared counter space, no cubicles. A completely open floor. I was brought over to M&C’s section of the floor, small in comparison to SS+K. But, this allows for the team to all be in close quarters and be within shouting-distance of each other–sometimes they don’t even send each other emails, a quick yell across the table is all that’s needed. I liked how everyone was lined up next to each other at separate computers without the restriction of a cubicle wall–it’s clear this is a highly collaborative and transparent company.

My work style is on the more laid back side–I like my space, but I like to be social. I like to have things going on around me, I don’t like to be isolated. M&C’s open work environment definitely allows me to exercise my style, and be comfortable in my surroundings. I’ve exercised this newfound comfort by spinning around in my chair to the row behind me, asking my supervisor a question over the row as opposed to email. Easy. Definitely the kind of fast-paced and social work environment I’d like to be a part of full-time…I’d go crazy in a cubicle.

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