Blog 3 – Identity

Blog 3: Identity


My identity of being a female is strongly reflected since the first moment I stepped into the office building. There’re too few female programmers compared to male. Different from U of M, even though there’re definitely more boys than girls in college of engineer, but you can still find girls everywhere on North campus. However, you will 90% possible to meet a male in the office area (of course, restroom doesn’t count). The first two weeks, I was the only female in the team, later comes another female intern. I do feel a little proud of my identity of female working in my team, but everyone is equally treated, and everyone is competing with each other fairly. I realize that I need to equip myself well to be ready for working with others.


Another identity I feel is that I am an undergrad. Everyone could become a programmer at any time, so programmer is a group composed of very different people. We have three interns in my team, but I am the only undergrad, and the other two are master and phd. I realize that the project I’m working on is much easier, and also, I realize I ask much more questions than the other two interns do. I became very frustrated when realize these. I took some time to think about whether I should continue what I’m doing right now or try to learn from the other two interns. I got the conclusion that I should admit that I’ still an undergrad, and I do need a lot more help than others. This makes me focus more on how to finish my own job strong.

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  • July 20, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jiayue!

    What were you able to learn from the other interns? Do you have any advice for future undergrad programmers who also find themselves at an internship where a higher proportion of their colleagues have a Master’s or PhD?


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