Blog 3: Value of Diversity

As a D.C. native, I have always been especially interested in politics and news media. In high school, the first thing I did every morning before school was watch the news. While I always liked staying informed, my long-term goal was to write communications. Throughout my three years at U of M, I have taken a variety of media courses which have expanded my knowledge of different areas of communication and subsequently allowed me to get a better sense of what direction I want my career to take.

My summer internship experience has led me to view this media/public relations interest of mine in a new light. The past few weeks at this political communication firm have revealed that my personal interest is in fact becoming my professional interest.

I have realized that my life-long hobby of staying informed has led me to a career path that combines my undergraduate degree skillset with a topic of interest. As I continue to navigate this internship, I plan to continue learning about political communication and what role I could potentially play in the industry. In addition, I hope to develop relationships with key staff members who have diverse backgrounds/professional experiences in an effort to expand my knowledge of related positions/companies.

One thought on “Blog 3: Value of Diversity

  • July 14, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Good reflection – As you dive into your political communication career, how do you see your identity influencing and/or impacting your work?


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