Value of Diversity | #3

Being from Pakistan, I feel like I have much to contribute in this case, or at least recognise and respect the diverse environment that I am in. I am lucky to work with so many brilliant minds everyday. There is never a day when I don’t find myself learning something new or something that really challenges me. Ultimately it only drives me to achieve more and to take on the learning curve head-on. Moreover, it is not only the challenge that stimulates me but the culture as well. I am working alongside people from all over the world, be it America, India, Pakistan, France and even Kazakhstan! It surprises me that there is so much more than just doing well at your work. Of course that is a given, but it is important to also learn from the people and grow stronger and wiser in your world knowledge. I have always felt more comfortable being around people who respect you and are who genuinely interested. Similarly, I always make it a point to get familiar with those around me and their culture so that it becomes easier to understand them on a more personal level and ultimately form a stronger bond so that when the time comes to take help from them or even lend a hand, you can do so in the way that might be best for both of you. I believe that in the long run, this is a huge contributing factor behind success.

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