Value of Diversity

Throughout this internship, I have had a tough time connecting with the people in this office. Often times they will go get coffee together or go get lunch and I am left in the office without any idea of where people are. I think part of this is due to my age. While I feel like 19 years old is old enough to be included, many of the people in my office are adults with real worries like bills and rent, whereas my biggest worry is school. Our interests most definitely do not align. While I have struggled, there is another intern in the office who has made this transition a little easier. With each passing week I feel more included by the older adults in the office.

Another part of my identity I have come to notice is being female. There is only one male in the entire office that I work in. This makes me proud to be a woman. These women have also served as role models for me. They are strong women who hold important jobs and did not let their gender stop them from doing so. It is so nice for me as a young woman to see women holding important roles and not being ostracized for their gender.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    A way to flip the script is to ask coworkers to go for coffee – The problem here is that interns feel as though they are unable to leave the office!


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