Welcome to DC | #1

It is my final summer as a University of Michigan student, and how do I spend it? Working as an intern and living in my favorite U.S. city, and some might even call it the nation’s capital: Washington D.C. Yes I am working in Washington D.C., no I do not have an internship with a congressman or senator. I am proud to announce that I found the perfect internship for me that ties my interests of international law and the Spanish-speaking language and culture. I am a legal intern at Mil Mujeres, which is a non-profit organization that provides legal services for low income Spanish speaking families. This is very different from other internship experiences I have had in the past because my first internship was more of an event promoter and communications internship for the State Department and my second internship was doing financial research in a non-governmental organization in Spain. I am very excited to see what DC has to offer me with professional experiences, sight seeing, networking, and cuisine (obviously).

In D.C., I am living with quite a few other people… Like an apartment unit of 14 people in total, and we’re waiting to see if two more people are going to fill our unit to capacity. It has been an amazing experience so far because I have people who are also waking up at the earliest hour to go to work, but also I have people to come home to and talk about my day with. Sometimes, we can be really cute and have family dinners where a few people cook for everyone and we all pay each other back. Sometimes, we just decide to be tourists and hit up all the fantastic food options here (i.e. SUSHI BURRITOS).


I am honestly really excited to see what the summer holds for me just because I am going to be graduating in December, which means that I will have to go to the final stage of “adulting” and apply for full-time jobs. D.C. not only gives me the greatest opportunity to network and meet future employers, but with the Public Service Internship Program (PSIP), I am sure I am going to get amazing life experiences with other amazing Michigan Wolverines.

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  • July 3, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Alexandra, your internship sounds like a really unique and rewarding opportunity! I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. Best of luck! Also, I love the green dress!


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