“Welcome to the MCORRP Family” | #2

MCORRP is more than just a summer internship, it’s a family. Everyone I have met in this program have been extremely welcoming and super nice. The efforts that the program does for group bonding has gone beyond my expectations. From late nights at an local intern’s lake house to planning for a downtown Tiger’s game, the program has gone above and beyond to allow the interns to get to know each other and the doctors.

MCORRP Olympics: Every week, the interns and doctors tackle on a new sport from Ultimate Frisbee to Basketball. As medical-oriented people, we’ve been practicing what we preach – staying active and healthy everyday!

After-hours bonding: Detroit Tiger games, visits to Lake Houses, Karaoke, Ice Skating, and so much more!  Thanks to these many opportunities, I have been able to get really close to my cohort group and gain advice from older students about how to approach the medical field in ways other than the traditional route of pursuing a medical degree.

Dinner at Vinology: After work, we were able to spend some time talk with the doctors running MCORRP. Being able to speak with these professors taught me so much more about who they were as a person and helped me see them more as a mentor rather than an upper-level manager. From speaking about gardening woes to solo travels around the world, it was great to be able to find a common connection with the doctor.

I can’t wait to see what else the rest of this summer brings!

Coleen T

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