What About the City I Learned | #4

What have you learned about the city in which you are working? Would you like to return?

One thing I’ve learned about New York City is that it’s super trendy. Everything is fast paced here from business to fashion to cosmetics to transportation. But what’s even more awesome is that I can keep up. It’s really interesting in my opinion because so many people have “warned” me before i started my internship here that I’d have to “brace myself” for the fast-paced environment– that it’d be too fast and sometimes overwhelming. Hearing this, I was obviously a little nervous flying in, but it turns out I had nothing to fear.

Maybe it’s a personality thing? But I truly love busy-ness here and how time flies. I feel productive, energetic, and more alive in the city than anywhere else. Sometimes I work too fast and find myself finishing projects way in advance. My manager and director are amazed by the speed and accuracy that I provide– and that makes my day. Of course, i don’t try to race with speed because that could definitely lose precision and quality, but I find that when I truly enjoy  doing something I love, do it with so much energy and passion that it’s completed fairly quickly.

Although mentioned briefly previously, I love the efficient transportation the city provides. Not only are they fast, but they are accessible, affordable, and safe, making it super easy for people like me who don’t own a car. New York City is the epitome of convenience at its finest. It’s so great that in the middle of cooking, if i suddenly realize that I’m out of carrots, I can stop and walk right down a block or two to the nearest grocery store. It’s really great!

So I guess the answer to your lingering question is yes. Yes, I would come back here to live and possibly/ hopefully find a job in New York City.


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