4- Checking in!

At the mid-way point in my internship I can honestly say I have learned a tremendous amount of information. It is crazy to think that coming in I had no idea about how important having a plan in place is regardless of your age.  I have also realized how important it is to treat your clients amazing (Not that anyone would treat their clients bad, but just simply going the extra mile). A lot of the client base that the TGQ Law Firm acquires is through word of mouth. What I have enjoyed seeing is how the clients come in and feel as if they are meeting with a group of attorneys who genuinely enjoy helping them and want to see them out to the best final solution. Clients come in here and feel as if they are gaining and extended family. I have enjoyed being here in the office to help and be apart of that client-care aspect of a business.

As far as areas for personal growth that I see being necessary for the future are I need to get better “stamina” for researching. A lot of my work here in the office has been to research different areas of practice in the the estate and family law area. The projects that have been assigned to me require time and great researching skills navigating through legal education websites. This is definitely one are I hope to improve upon in my time here.

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