Attitude of an organization #2

From my first day until today, I have had a lot of learning opportunities. Balancing 2 internships in 3 months, I’ve come to understand how the work culture of a place bears impact on someone’s work so tremendously. In one internship, I have been exposed to a single-person set up where the owner of the company handles everything by herself. For my other internship, I am exposed to working with a more structured team where tasks were divided, but not strictly. I have been more comfortable with a structured team where tasks are loosely divided, since it gives me daily goals but also gives me the chance to try something new.


These experiences have made me realize that an ideal work culture for me would be where I feel like a fit and am surrounded by people who can teach me a lot of things and can appreciate my skillset too. It’s important for me to feel like I have made a difference in my place of work and my hard work is recognized. Another thing that I pay a lot of attention too now is my social setting in the workplace. Since both my internships have made me feel incredibly welcomed, I feel like this is something I would like to see in my future job atmosphere as well. My internships have definitely taught me to respect the culture of my workplaces.


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