Blog 2: Work Culture – Hour Media

From my perspective, work culture is made up of the values, interactions, and energy emitted by the work environment. My employer would agree that the culture of the workplace is defined by the people that make up the organization, and how those people work with each other. In consideration of my ideal work environment, it should hold consistent morals and stand for a purpose. Employees should get along, and their collaborative work should represent the goals of the company. The office should be business casual: professional but simultaneously comfortable. The physical workplace at Hour Detroit is very colorful and open, with each cubicle appropriately seperated and covered in personalized decor, which reflects each worker’s style. The building is large and geometric, both in its exterior and interior architecture. The design elements of the building reflect its use as a classy, yet creative space. This environment matches my work style, as I flourish in a creative, relaxed workplace. I have adopted to the office’s established style by wearing respectable, but individualized clothing, and by fulfilling my responsibilities with flare and confidence. Hour’s environment represents one in which I would hope to start my career, as the company is serious and powerful with a lighthearted energy and healthy coworker relationships. I also appreciate the opportunities that this job presents to leave the office occasionally for various meetings or events; I do not want to be indoors at a cubicle every day.

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