Blog 3: Sense of Identity – Hour Media

As I navigate my internship at Hour Media, I have realized that the employees working for this magazine are predominantly white females. I first recognized this unison in sexual and racial identity at the internship brunch last week. We sat around a table in the large conference room and introduced each other. Every intern except for one was a caucasian woman; the lone differing intern was a skinny, black male. The employee in charge of the interns is also a white female, as well as my supervisor and department head. When sitting in on my supervisor’s first meeting of the summer season, all other managers except for two were white females. Interestingly enough, the man running the meeting and superior employee of the group was a white male. I have also noticed the age gap between the other interns and me. The girl in the cubicle next to me is twenty-six years old and soon to be married, while I am approaching my sophomore year of college. I feel proud to be one of the youngest interns working with Hour this summer. I hope to continue on this path of advanced summer experiences in order to stand out amongst my peers. I know that my supervisor, her coworkers, and the other interns have recognized my accomplishments at this age as impressive.

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