Blog 4 – Midpoint Check

Because of my mistake, I forgot to upload my first blog when I should do. I uploaded it yesterday, and also reviewed my goal I set for my internship. I realized that I changed, I lost passion and hope towards my internship. This makes me start reflecting what I did in the past half way of the internship. I found that I focused too much on finishing my job to even think about what did I achieve. Fortunately, this week is not a heavy week. I spent some time reflecting, and listing out my accomplishment. I realize that I did mess up a lot, but at the same time, I learned a lot more from my failure. Also I learned a lot of technical skills, and social skill for work. Therefore, I do think I’m reaching my biggest goal that I hope to learn and grow.


However, I don’t think I’m stepping forward to the goal that building more meaningful relationship. The biggest reason is that I don’t have that much free time as expected, also working is much much more tiring than study. I almost couldn’t do anything after work. But still, I think I still should at least have a try. I hope that I could have time and energy to join more activities.


I set a new goal is to stay positive and motivated. Recently, I start feeling bored and exhausted towards my job. I realize that I missed a lot of great experience when I feel negative. I’m still looking for some helpful ways to stay positive, and I hope I could still be motivated to finish the last 6+ weeks.

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