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Hi, everyone! My name is Gracie Hoffman and I’m a rising junior in LSA from Nashville, TN!

Last week, I started my internship at the WebMD headquarters in New York City. The office is in Greenwich Village in an extremely cool and interesting area. Luckily, my NYU dorm is a five minute walk from the office, which is great because most people have to commute at least thirty minutes to get to work in the city. I am serving as a sales intern for the hospital team within consumer product goods. I also get to help with some of the sales planning work. Originally, I was drawn to this internship because I really liked the idea of having experience working in a corporate environment. Going into the internship, I was pretty nervous because I do not see myself as a very business-y person; however, even after just a couple days here, I can see that I lumped all corporate jobs together. The environment here is amazing. Everyone is very hardworking and driven. They get a lot done, but there is also friendly banter and open cubicles. It is a lot more relaxed than I expected. It is valuable to work in this sort of large company because I get more real world work experience than I ever had before.

The first half of the first day of work was an orientation of sorts! The other interns and I got to hear from the head of the intern program and someone from the human resources department. There are 30 interns and we are all in different departments so I have not met everyone, but the ones I have met so far are great! There are so many moving parts at this company. It’s been astounding seeing how they all work together and support each other. My second day on the job, I was fortunate enough to get to accompany my supervisor and an amazing sales representative to a meeting with the Chief Marketing Officer of a major health system. The meeting included members of multiple WebMD teams talking about the current landscape of the electronic healthcare industry and being able to listen to the discussion between the WebMD employees and the guest clients. It was a large learning experience and a pretty important meeting on one of my first days. I really appreciated being able to jump right in and start learning more about how the hospital sales team operates.

Another key thing that drew me to this internship was the fact that it is located in New York City. I love NYC and all the spectacular places there are to explore. After just a week, I already feel much more independent living in such a large and busy place on my own. I’ve been making myself go out of my comfort zone and venture into new places, which I know will be helpful in the rest of my life. I’ve mostly figured out my neighborhood and I am working on tackling the subway. It’s so much bigger than Nashville and Ann Arbor – so definitely a learning experience, but there is always something cool to do here!

I am really excited for the rest of the summer interning at WebMD!

Gracie H

My name is Gracie Hoffman and I'm from Nashville, TN! I am a rising junior in LSA studying Political Science and the History of Law and Policy. I'm currently interning at WebMD and exploring New York City.

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