Maintaining Positivity in the Workplace | #2

Berk’s office is located in the Flatiron district of New York City, an area that is always flowing with different types of people.  The summer culture ranges from hardworking business men, to parks filled with playful children, to young adults exploring the delicious cuisines on every block.


Work culture is something very important to me, and it is something I think about and consider when pondering the type of industry I want to pursue a career in.  More specifically, I believe work culture should be somewhat different from your everyday culture; the reason for this is because everyone at work has similarities and differences.  While I may believe work culture should sometimes be interactive and display togetherness, a colleague may choose to work individually.  In addition, work culture is more formal than everyday culture; a workplace is an environment that requires extreme professionalism.


After having many professional conversations with my employer, I have come to the conclusion that we have similar opinions regarding what we deem is an enjoyable work culture.  We discussed the importance of having strong relationships with your co-workers, as that makes for a positive work environment.  However, it is more often the case that many people are not fond of their colleagues.  Nonetheless, it is critical to always show respect to everyone in your workplace.

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