Midpoint | #4



I had developed two tangible goals for myself at the beginning of this internship. The first is to design and produce a video from start to finish. This particular goal has many parts to it. I believe it still accurately reflects my experience thus far, because there are many steps I need to do and learn in order to reach this goal. And as of now I am have started the process, made outlines, storyboards, and, discussed ideas about videos. Because this goal is in the process of being completed, I still believe that it will be accomplished with quantifiable results, therefore not needing to be re-calibrated.


My second goal is to gain experience in communicating effectively and concisely. While this goal is harder to measure, I believe that I have been given opportunities to practice this. I also believe that I have been improving based on the decrease in draft edits. Other aspects such as pitching ideas, and being concise, I have not seen a lot of improvement. However, This goal is still important to me and I know I will have many more opportunities to practice this, so I  do not have to recalibrate this goal.


What am I doing well?

I am enjoying this internship experience very much. Though there are many aspects of the job I needed to learn, and are still learning, I believe I have done a good job adjusting to being in an office space. I am comfortable asking questions when I am unclear on something.


Areas for personal growth?

I want to improve on my concentration on a project. I have multiple projects that I am assigned to at the same time. Because of this I need to switch between projects, however, I need to focus on concentrating one project for a longer period of time, so that I can get more done.



I am a Communications student at the University of Michigan. I love singing, graphic design, and anything creative.

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