My Favorite Experience From My Internship | #3

Prompt: Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.

My favorite experience as an intern this summer is being able to see, almost every day, the positive impact I’m making. I have a real opportunity to understand just how my efforts and the activities I perform help the Democratic organization I work with. I can see that when I work on fundraising issues I’m making it easier for candidates and incumbent policymakers that are helping people to get elected or reelected. I can see how my work with the research department will provide decision-makers with the information they need to make the best decision for everyone. Even the more menial tasks that I do serve a greater purpose that makes me feel good and motivated to do them. If it helps this organization function better and produces better results for Democratic politicians then I can rest assured that I’m making a difference. This sense of greater purpose is my favorite experience from my internship. I know I am making a difference at a time when everyone should be.

This is important to me because it was one of my goals for this summer. I wanted to make a positive impact on the world, and do so in a meaningful way. That is why I enjoy this experience the most. I can see and understand how my actions are making a positive impact on the people of Illinois today and in the future.

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