Things Get Technical | #3

I am now almost done with my third week at MFCW and am starting to experience the shift in our responsibilities. The last two weeks have been predominantly product design and UI/UX which did incorporate some technical elements especially when understanding the backend functionality of the platform. However, our tasks for this week are definitely much more coding intensive as they require us to begin the process of setting up the back-end of the product using MySQL , the relational database management system, and to code the graphs that we had decided to incorporate in our product using HTML, CSS and the Chart.js JavaScript library. These past weeks have indeed been interesting and intense; the last couple of days however have taught us a great amount.  My current work demands of me to recapitulate and incorporate the concepts I had learnt last year during the programming lectures at UM.

Apart from life in the office, I ventured out to explore the city a bit more after growing more accustomed to the setting. Mall hopping is a habit you develop when you have lived all your life in the UAE so I took off to visit one of the popular malls in Bangalore. It was amazing! After experiencing the mammoth malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I had not expected to be too impressed but I was gravely mistaken. The Phoenix Market City here, which despite the name is in fact a mall, had a whole new atmosphere to it with great spaces to eat in the outdoors (provided the weather allows it!). I was accompanied to the mall with a friend from UM who is a resident of  Bangalore so it was helpful to have someone familiar with the restaurant and store selections.

In the next few weeks I do hope to be able to explore more of the city to get a much better feel of the life as a resident here. The local food ( specially the momos which Bangalore is famous for)  is also something I am eager to try out. At this stage of our work, we are familiarizing ourselves with MySQL and plan on actually manipulating the data before the weekend approaches. Looking forward to another exciting week!

Rodney S

I am a computer engineering major at the University of Michigan passionate about software development, project management and consulting.

2 thoughts on “Things Get Technical | #3

  • June 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    I’m glad you’re able to apply what you’ve been learning at Michigan! To me, it’s always super rewarding to see that I’m not just learning random concepts, but actual real-life application. Do you enjoy the coding work or the product design better? Excited to hear (and see pictures?) of the food you try out!

    • June 23, 2017 at 10:49 am

      Yes, it’s definitely rewarding when you begin to see how the abstract concepts learnt at university play a role in the corporate setting! I honestly think I’d enjoy a balance of both design and coding as both are extremely interesting but the balance ensures I won’t ever get tired of either. As for the food, I never manage to remember to take a picture before I start eating :’) but I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next time!


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