#1 – Internship Goals

Randell S. Hansen, Ph.D. makes valuable points in his article “Making the Most of Your Internship(s). One point that resonated most with me is “Never Shun a Chance to Learn More About the Company/Industry”. One goal I hope to accomplish during my summer internship is to make meaningful contributions to the company and be a valuable intern. In order to accomplish this, I must immerse myself into the industry by reading all company materials, and learning terminology and concepts that are unfamiliar to me. Familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of the industry will help me perform better as an intern at the company and in my future endeavors.

Another point that resonated strongly with me is “Network, Network, Network”. A goal that focuses on what I hope to gain from this experience is to enhance and enrich my network with valuable and interesting professionals with whom I can correspond. While the knowledge and skills one obtains during an internship are surely important, perhaps the other most beneficial aspect of an internship will be the colleagues with whom one works. Building a professional network to foster professional relationships will help me immensely in my future job searches and business endeavors.

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