A Weekend with the Kids | #5

The previous weekend here at Moriumius was a little different than usual ~ we hosted kids! This was the first time that I had the chance to work directly with the kids so I was very excited. But ‘first time’ also means that I had no idea what was going on which made it a bit challenging. I’m taking it as my learning experience so that I’ll be better with the kids in the future.

My Japanese is still not the greatest so it was very overwhelming when the kids started talking to me and expecting me to speak back. I tried to smile and nod as much as possible but I was basically useless for answering questions. It was a good thing that I realized one girl was asking for the bathroom or that would have been a bad situation. Turns out that most of them spoke English but no one said a peep in English until dinner when the day was over. Ah well.

The first mishap happened almost right away. We were feeding the goats with the kids and at one point it was just me watching them when all of a sudden the big goat headbutted one of the kids. He was ok but it was scary. Then just a moment later another kid tripped and skinned his knee. They leave me alone for two seconds and suddenly all the kids are getting hurt! I hoped that wasn’t going to be an indication of how the rest of the time was going to go.

Later that day the kids were helping out in the chicken coop and collecting eggs. I was not the supervisor inside the coop but I was helping them take the eggs inside. I made the mistake of taking one of the kids through the kitchen and I was told that that’s not allowed. It makes sense after I was told but in the moment I din’t even think about it. Then one of the girls dropped her egg on the dining room floor so I had to clean it up. And probably the worst part of the whole chicken incident – the chef took one of the new eggs, cracked it open, only to discover that there was a baby chick already growing! It was sad. Now I’m afraid to take the wrong eggs.

There were definitely a few hiccups in my first time working with the kids but overall it was very rewarding! It was nice to see them so curious about the things we were doing and so eager to do everything. We did a lot of fun things like collect hoya from the ocean, plant rice in the fields, and clean/cook fish for dinner. I believe that it’s important for kids to have experiences like this because it’s a great way to foster a curious mind by creating a tangible connection with the world around them. I’m glad I got to be a part of their experience at Moriumius. One of the best moments of my entire trip was when the smallest girl kissed my cheek. Moments like that will stay with me forever.

A hen watching her eggs

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  • June 20, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    That’s so exciting that the kids are there! Don’t worry, kids are pretty indestructible so a headbutt or two should still be okay haha. Love the pictures and I’m looking forward to hearing more next week. 🙂


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