Immunology Retreat #4

Working in the Lundy Lab this summer, I have been able to participate in many new things I have never done before. One of my favorite experience this summer was attending an immunology retreat with the rest of the lab members. This retreat was an all-day event at The Graduate in Ann Arbor.

The day started out with breakfast at the hotel, which then transitioned to speakers who presented their own research pertaining to the immunology field. Many of the presentations discussed about treatments or the presence of health conditions due to the ineffective functioning of the immune system. After about two hours of this, everyone had lunch. During lunch, research fellow led table discussions which included a wide variety of topics that ranged from grant writing to mentee/mentor relationships. Right after lunch ended, there were more presentations with some breaks in between. When all the presentations were done, there was a poster symposium and a keynote speaker. Finally, to wrap up the retreat, all participants played trivia and were served dinner!

Before this retreat, I only knew immunology that was essential to understanding my own project; my knowledge about other immunology topics was very scarce. However, with this retreat, not only was I able to expand my knowledge about other research currently being conducted in the immunology field, but I was also able to work on my communication skills when discussing my own project with other research professionals. It was a long day of listening to different talks, but it was definitely a worthwhile experience.

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