Struggling with the Language | #4


These past weeks, I started the next level for my Greek language class. I am in level four, and I find it to be much more harder than the previous level was. There is much more vocabulary used in this class (and I definitely do not know all of it), and most of our focus is translation based. I personally do not like that and do not think it benefits someone trying to learn a language much when they still are in the beginning and don’t have all the grammar and vocabulary they need to use. While this is frustrating, there is nothing I can do besides my best, which is what I must count on.

My research has been the same and has continued to go well. These past few weeks I have digitized the letters sent to and from Eva Palmer Sikelianos into an excel sheet. I was able to finish this digitization on Friday, which means that on Monday I will start reading the important letters fully through to see if there is anything interesting that should be recorded. My professor will be coming back soon, and I am excited to once again have her there as I work.

I always see the Arch of Hadrian on my walk to work, but these past few weeks I have done more exploring of Athens and decided to take a picture of the Arch. I find the Arch to be beautiful and think it’s amazing that people walk past monuments in Athens in their everyday life.
Artwork in the New Acropolis Museum

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