Workplace Equality | Blog Post 1

I was drawn to intern with the Human Rights Campaign for many reasons.

One of the first that comes to mind is my time in high school. Growing up in a small, conservative town in southeast Michigan, I was the only LGBTQ individual. I didn’t come out as gay until I was in my senior year, but during those first three years of high school, I looked to HRC for guidance, advice and resources. Naturally, I wanted to one day work for the organization that helped me so much during my high school years.

At the Human Rights Campaign, I work in the Workplace Equality Program. I requested to be part of this team because of my past work with the Michigan State AFL-CIO last summer and interest in worker’s issues. Recent events and family history in workplace engagement have harvested a passion to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect. That’s what we’re doing at HRC in the Workplace Equality Program.

Besides my passion for LGBTQ issues, I wanted to be in the place where it all happens – Washington, D.C. After a tumultuous year of politics, I decided to place myself in the heart of the resistance (and about 3 blocks from the White House). Being in DC where I can head to a rally after work or attend professional panels and galas sparked interest in working for HRC.

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