5th Week with Barwis Methods #3

During my 5th week at Barwis Methods I have learned many new and interesting things. The first being the billing of insurance companies, which definitely was not the most exciting thing I have ever done. I learned that since Barwis Methods is not recognized as  Health Care Provider for their Physical Therapy, so they have to jump through several hoops in order to be able to apply health insurance to their client’s costs. However, they can do it for certain clients, giving them the opportunity to afford the physical therapy they need. I spent several hours billing insurance companies and learning how to create an invoice. Learning to create an invoice is essential for owning a business so that knowledge can transfer to my professional life when I need to use it.

In addition, I’ve learned more about excel while I continue to maintain documents involving client databases and liability waivers. Being comfortable with the software of your company is a crucial part of being a valuable asset to said company, so it is nice that I’m finally getting the hang of it here. This week, we began to implement Polar Heart Rate Monitors into our workouts, so I have been able to see the effects of introducing new technologies in the workplace. Since this is the kind of interaction I want to study, it was interesting to confront and solve the everyday problems revolving new technology.

Next week we will begin our final project and get the overview of what exactly that is, I look forward to it!

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